The Northampton Mosque and Islamic Centre also provides funeral and bereavement services in order to relieve the relatives by helping to organize the burial of their loved ones and offer other assistance in such difficult times.

The locally established Muslim Funeral Services available in Northamptonshire strictly according to the Qur’an and Sunnah

Funeral Services was established in order to carry out of the rites and ritual needs of Muslims at the time of someone passing away. We felt that in order for the Muslim burial to be fully conducted in compliance with shariah, a Muslim funeral service was needed in order to accommodate that. Currently the only option for Muslims with regards to burials was to use established existing funeral directors. These organisations were either not aware of Muslim needs or do not offer the facilities that Muslims would require. Or alternatively to request the service of Muslim directors outside Northamptonshire.

Funeral services is fully complete and also flexible in providing funeral services for Muslims in Northamptonshire and neighbouring counties and also supporting remaining family members in arranging the funeral of their loved ones.

The service is available in flexible packages to suit the needs of requesting customers according to their needs. Full services include paperwork, transport, washing, shrouding, funeral prayer performed and burial.

If you are interested in enquiring about the funeral service at the Mosque, please contact us by USING THE FORM BELOW, email on or by phone on 07951 816208.