Daily Prayers

Muslims attend our Mosque to offer five daily prayers in congregation which is compulsory for male to attend the prayers at the Mosque whereas women are optional.

Friday Khutbah (Sermon)

Friday is the most important day whereby so many Muslims filled our Mosque to listen to the weekly sermon and pray the Friday Prayer. 

Madrasah Services

The Northampton Mosque and Islamic Centre offers Qur’an and Islamic Studies for youngsters: These classes are provided at the Northampton Mosque and Islamic Centre by our dedicated teachers from our community for children between age of 6 – 16 years.

Adult Classes

We also hold adult classes for male and female to learn the religion of Islam and its basic duties.


Islamic Awareness Lectures and Conferences:

We conduct series of Lectures open to all to promote Islamic knowledge and awareness. We also conduct periodic Islamic conferences during bank holidays where Muslims have opportunity to ask questions from our invited scholars.

Ramadan Iftaar Program:

During the fasting month of Ramadan, we share food for those attending and breakfast together here at the centre and we have programs underlined for the future to offer special Iftar programs for neighbours and to visit homeless during the fasting month of Ramadan and offer the foods as well.


Eid in the park:

The two Eids Prayer and festivals are celebrated at the Racecourse (weather permitting) with a family fun day where children are presented with an opportunity to have an amazing Eid day according to the traditions of our religion.


Funeral Services:

The Northampton Mosque and Islamic Centre also provides funeral and bereavement services in order to relieve the relatives by helping to organize the burial of their loved ones and offer other assistance in such difficult times.


Nikaah (Wedding) Ceremony:

The Centre also conducts Nikaah proceedings for prospective couples in the community who wish to marry in accordance with the Islamic law


Mosque Tours

The centre also caters for Mosque tours from schools, other religious denominations, social workers, Religious education teachers, health workers.  and the public a large who want to visit the Mosque and get to see how Muslim connect to their Lord, connect to the community and to the neighbours.


School Tours:

The centre, also upon request, does school tour where one of our Imam visits the local school and deliver talks about Islam to students and to speak on special occasions. The Centre also tries to provide answers for the basic questions about Islam for those who are not familiar with. Offers support and advice


Muslim Ceremonies:

The centre also holds Muslim ceremonies like the Wedding ceremonies, Aqeeqah Ceremonies (to celebrate the new born baby), social gatherings organized by our community members.